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Victim Services

“Do you feel you are walking on egg shells?”

Domestic abuse comes in many forms

It may not happen every day or every week. It may happen every now and again.

You may not want to leave and have every reason to stay

If domestic abuse is part of your relationship

If you have experienced domestic abuse in a past relationship

If you have witnessed domestic abuse as a child

If you would like someone to listen to you

We can provide a safe place for you to talk things through in confidence with no pressure.


Victim Counselling Services are available in:

Nuneaton: North Warwickshire: Stratford upon Avon

When you call

We will arrange an appointment for you to be seen by an experienced qualified counsellor who will assess your needs. This will be at one of our offices most convenient for you.

If you have to leave a message please tell us a safe number to contact you on.

After assessment you will be assigned your own personal Counsellor for an initial 10 weeks of therapy which can be extended, based on your needs.

Our counsellors are fully trained in all issues of domestic abuse and will listen to you with respect and without judgment helping you towards decisions that are right for you.

Our counsellors are experienced in all issues of domestic abuse and are trained to respond if you wish to leave your relationship or have other related issues. We can refer you with our supported assistance to other helping agencies.