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Partner Support Program

For victims of domestic abuse that have a partner on the DACS Perpetrator Intervention Programme

The aim of the partner support service is to: –

  • Increase yours and your children’s safety
  • Improve your mental and emotional well being
  • Give clear messages and develop your understanding of Domestic violence
  • Promote realistic expectations of your partner who is working with the DACS Intervention Program.

The key points we will cover are: –

  • Explore your ‘hopes & fears’ about your relationship with your partner and your future.
  • We will go over the outline agenda of the DACS Perpetrator Intervention programme with you to give you an understanding of the work your partner will be doing.
  • We are here to support you in your decision to stay or leave the relationship

We are here to support you if you have left your relationship and have child contact issues with your ex-partner who is on the DACS Intervention programme.

How to contact us:

When you call, we will arrange an appointment for you to be seen by an experienced qualified counsellor who will assess your needs. This will be at one of our offices most convenient for you.

If you have to leave a message please tell us a safe number to contact you on.

After assessment you will be assigned your own personal Counsellor for an initial 10 -15 weeks of therapy/support which can be extended, based on your needs.

Our counsellors are fully trained in all issues of domestic abuse and will listen to you with respect and without judgment helping you towards decisions that are right for you.

Our counsellors are experienced in all issues of domestic abuse and are trained to respond if you wish to leave your relationship or have other related issues. We can refer you with our supported assistance to other helping agencies

Tel: 024 7635 1137 to make an appointment

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