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Who are we

DACS – The Domestic Abuse Counselling Service for Warwickshire.

We are a non-profitable Charity organisation that came into being in January 2006 due to a gap in service provision for victims of abuse and we have provided services to Warwickshire for over a decade. We offer three important and distinctive services – victim servicespartner support services and perpetrator services.

In our first year, we saw 98 female victims of domestic abuse. We are the only ‘specialist therapeutic service’ provider in Warwickshire working front line – face to face – with victims of domestic abuse working within a multi-agency arena and we now see more than 100 victims of domestic abuse each week from our offices throughout the county of Warwickshire. We have helped thousands of families affected by domestic abuse for over a decade.

Our sole purpose is to reduce domestic abuse in our community by providing therapeutic intervention and we are proud that ‘we do exactly what we say on our tin’. We provide common sense therapeutic intervention, working ‘one to one’ with victims of domestic abuse from a ‘preventative perspective’ providing therapy that educates – with the purpose of reducing the risk of repeat victimisation and increasing safety for women and girls.

We achieve this aim by individualising each person and their experience of domestic abuse and how it has affected their life. We provide therapeutic skills to women and girls to help them improve their current and future life, for example we provide the skills for self-evaluation of risk within intimate relationships to enable victims of domestic abuse to live lives free from abuse.

We are proud that we have been influential in changing Court views on domestic abuse in Warwickshire over the last ten years and that we are valued as part of the court process for child protection issues related to domestic abuse.

We are distinctive, because we are the only organisation in Warwickshire that works from a preventive psycho- educational perspective (therapy that educates). We work holistically with cause and effect – providing therapeutic services to victims and perpetrators of abuse.

We are experienced to work with current crisis and we have established and secure relationships within a multi-agency framework to action Refuge, Police intervention and safe guarding.

We are highly respected in our area of work and sit on the monthly Warwickshire MARAC (multi agency risk assessment conference).

We offer three important and distinctive services – victim servicespartner support services and perpetrator services. Our therapeutic programmes are valued and known to be effective offering our service users the skills of self-evaluation of risk, safe parenting etc. to enable positive change for a safer life.

We provide an intensive individual assessment to victims of domestic abuse and to perpetrators of abuse to identify risk, personal need and to identify child protection issues.

From initial assessment, we identify the needs of the individual and liaise with other helping agencies to assist our service user, providing practical support as needed, such as an assisted referral to Refuge.

Victim services is our main service and it is a free service. We see over 100 women each week with referrals from social services police health refuge crisis support drugs alcohol agencies etc. Our Perpetrator service was funded initially by the Lottery and is now partly self-funded (a paid for service) and part funded (specific area) by the PCC (Police Crime Commissioner).

We run a free partner support service that supports perpetrator services and looks after the partner of those working on the perpetrator programme. We offer this service because we know that victims with high expectation of change are at increased risk.

Our therapeutic programmes are all designed to reduce risk of domestic abuse.

We are members of RESPECT the national umbrella for domestic violence work and we attend regular annual professional training to ensure our work is current. We know that we are distinctive and that we are valued by all other agencies involved in the domestic abuse arena but most of all we are valued by our service users and their feedback is the most important of all and has influenced our development over the last 10 years.

We know from over ten years’ experience that preventative work is the key and our work and our experience in our field proves our view. We have organically grown and developed our service and therapeutic programmes, based on our service users’ needs and based upon our experience of delivering therapeutic services in this specialised area of work, using a practical ground level common sense approach to reducing domestic abuse in our community. Hence the development and delivery of our perpetrator programme that we have ran for over 8 years, a common-sense approach to reducing domestic abuse at its core.

Our counselling services are made possible through the use of, staff and volunteer counsellors.

We work within the guidelines of the ‘British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy’ and all our counsellors are trained to help you explore all aspects of your life, feelings thoughts and behaviours.

Our service users may be those currently stuck in an abusive relationship and feel unable to leave.

  • Those who have recently left an abusive relationship.
  • Those who have left the relationship and find they are struggling with child contact issues and lone parenting.
  • Those who may have experienced multiple abusive relationships.
  • Those who realise that their abuse of their partner is affecting their relationship and impacting on their children. Those who have lost previous intimate partners and children because of their abuse and who want to change.
  • Those who may have witnessed domestic abuse as a child and find the experience has impacted on their adult life and relationships.
  • Those who are suffering abuse in a same sex relationship

Our aim is to reduce risk of domestic abuse and to increase the safety of those who are suffering from the impact of domestic abuse.

What number should you use?

Domestic Abuse Counselling Service main office number is 024 7635 1137 (Please note that this number will be shown on an itemised bill) or 024 7632 7647