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As a small charity, we rely upon donations from the public or those who have received help and used our services previously, or from those receiving help currently.

Due to the very nature of domestic violence that includes financial control and fear that their perpetrator will discover the victim is receiving help – donations from our service users are rare.

We apply to many funders year on year to support our work, it is a full-time process.

In our 13th year, we feel It is getting harder to access funding for domestic violence, probably due to the current economic climate and uncertainty in the UK.

The government often issue statements that they have allocated certain pots of money towards domestic violence services. This pot is for the whole of the UK and is most often for crisis support services and refuge. We – DACS – have very rarely accessed government funding as our work is from a preventative perspective, focussed on preventing escalation of risk of abuse and designed to help prevent victims from entering into other abusive relationships. 

We believe ‘early help’ is vital to prevent escalation of risk and unfortunately this is an area of our work that is sadly lacking in funding at this moment.

We appreciate any financial contribution. It all goes to providing services to those who are unable to pay for help in the early to mid-stage of experiencing domestic violence, who need our help to prevent their abuse getting worse.  

We appreciate any offer of activities to raise funds for our work.

If you would like to donate or you may be interested in helping us to raise funds, please email me

Thank you for reading this page.

Kind Regards

Kate Farmer, Chief Officer.


Moving into 2019 and our 13th year as a charity, we are looking to extend our volunteer base.

If you are experienced in administration skills and or funding skills and would like to offer us your time, please contact our Chief Officer