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Welcome to Domestic Abuse Counselling Service

  • The Domestic Abuse counselling Service is a non-profitable charity organisation that came into being in January 2006 due to a gap in service provision for victims of abuse.
  • Our counselling service is made possible through the use of staff and volunteer counsellors and the service is available to both female and male victims of abuse in Nuneaton, North Warwickshire and Stratford upon Avon and Perpetrators of abuse from our Nuneaton office.
  • We work within the guidelines of the ‘British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy’ and all our counsellors are trained to help you explore all aspects of your life, feelings thoughts and behaviours.
  • Our clients may be those currently stuck in an abusive relationship and feel unable to leave.
  • Those who have recently left an abusive relationship.
  • Those who have left the relationship and find they are struggling with child contact issues and lone parenting.
  • Those who may have experienced multiple abusive relationships.
  • Those who realise that their abuse of their partner is affecting their relationship and impacting on their children. Those who have lost previous intimate partners and children as a result of their abuse and who want to change.
  • Those who may have witnessed domestic abuse as a child and find the experience has impacted on their adult life and relationships.
  • Those who are suffering abuse in a same sex relationship
  • Our aim is to increase the safety of those who are suffering from the impact of domestic abuse.

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What number you should use?

Domestic Abuse Counselling Service main office number is 024 7635 1137 (Please note that this number will be shown on an itemised bill) or 024 7632 7647

The telephone line is managed by from 9am to 1pm Monday to Friday